Over the years we have helped 100’s of business’ change the perfomance of the glass in their premises.
Heat/glare reduction, safety/security and privacy are all reasons business’ use window tints and films to change the performace of the glass.

Solar heat reduction can make the workplace a more comfortable place to be and inturn increasing productivity. The reduction in solar heat gain also has a positiove effect on energy use as air conditioning and cooling systems don’t need to work as hard.

Glare reduction again makes for a more comfortable work space, whether its for children in the school or employees in an office space. Reducing glare makes life easier whilst using computer screen and white boards.

Aesthetically window tinting the glass at your premises will smarten the appearance hiding blinds, furnishings and other unpleasent views. It will give a uniform look to the glass in your building.

Safety is paramount in the work place. Glass that is not up to current HSE regulation can be treated in a clear safety film that will bring it in line with current EN12600 regulation. This prevents the glass from causing further injury once broken.