We offer a very reliable vehicle tinting service where we add style, privacy and aesthetic value to the vehicle whilst reducing solar heat gain and glare into the vehicle.
There are many reasons for tinting your vehicle:-
Aesthetics: It will look great! That is why many customers have it done. Its a relatively quick and cost effective way to enhance the look of your car.
Privacy: Stops prying eyes spotting possessions and valuables on back seats of cars. Out of sight, out of mind!
Glare reduction: Glare can increase driver fatigue, rear windows tinted reduce the glare head headlights or the sun from rear view mirror. A sunstrip across the top of the front windscreen can also help reduce glare from low sun.
Security: Window tints hold the glass together on impact from the outside, however, due to the concave nature of vehicle glass it can be pushed out once the glass is broken.

We only tint vehicles at our premises and there is a very good reason for this! To get the best results for tinting vehicles you have to have the correct enviroment, this definatley means a bespoke tinting bay to minimise wind and dust particles. To attempt to get results tinting a vehicle outside on your drive in the wind is near impossible.


We often get asked about tinting front windows……here’s the legal bit. Your driver and front passenger glass must allow a minimum of 70% light through the glass and into the vehicle. It is illegal to drive a car on the highways of the UK with windows tinted darker than that percentage. Most vehicle as new have a slight tint in the glass already quite close to the legal limit so any further meaningful tint is likely to take the glass beyond the legal limit. Here’s the link to the goverment law


We also get asked ‘do we come to you?’

We do all our vehicle tinting at our bespoke unit in Preston. The reasons are fairly simple. For us to maintain a professional standard to our work we have to be in a controlled environment. It is a one car ‘tint bay’ with no wind, rain or dust that would otherwise compromise the quality of the finish.